Eva Petro-Marine Pte Ltd, previously known as Eva Hardware & Machinery Company, was established in January 1983. We have changed our company name in 2006 as we are now focusing more on Petroleum and Marine industries. 

We are the exclusive stockist and Distributor of many U.S.A and European Sampling, Testing and Surveying equipment in this region. Apart from equipment, we are also stockist for many other consumable products like – Glass , Plastics, Tins, Container, Thermometers, Hydrometers, Security Seals Surveying and Engineering Tapes etc.

We supply :

  • Intrinsically Safe Tank Gauging Thermometer,
  • ASTM Oil Gauging Tapes
  • Sampling and Testing Equipment
  • Approved Safety Flashlight
  • Sampling Glass/Plastic Bottles
  • Sampling Tins of all sizes
  • Plastic/metal seals
  • Water & Oil Finding Paste
  • Intrinsically Safe Walkie – Talkie

and many marine, petroleum and chemical industries related products.

Feel free to contact us for any enquires on the products.

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